Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 154

She’d painstakingly watched Sherry from a distance, knew her routine and when to strike.  If she could keep Randal occupied, she could take care of Campbell and Sykes.  It was a game plan that worked.  Since she’d completely changed her identity, Damara was a faceless entity which meant she could strike quickly.  She cackled at the thought.

Sykes was prepared for Damara’s crap.  He knew she’d try to pull something off that would reduce him to invisibility or dead, whichever suited her purposes.  With that in mind, he’d obtained some assistance.  He hadn’t wanted to include his sister, but she was involved whether she liked it or not.  There was a little remorse in that since she’d always had his back, but hey that’s life, he decided.  Her reputation might be singed but nothing she couldn’t get over.

Randal also had several irons in the fire.  While he was taking care of Campbell, Brenda was watching Damara while Braxton was watching interactions with Webster’s and Emilio was overseeing Sykes.  Everyone was covered as much as possible.  Each member of the team knew what to do and as soon as he gave the word, each would click the extension to the assigned individual.  Germaine was on the ground, prepared to hop into action with a team of cops he knew he could rely on.

Everything humanly possible was set in place and now it was a waiting game.  That was the hard part, the hurry up and wait since everything depending on timing.

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