Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 155

Damara had her sights on Sherry.  She was finishing her last class of the day.  Too bad, she was good, she made them work for their goal.  Now to take advantage of the quiet and ease on in and grab her.  It would take but a second to drag and drop her into another time warp.

She approached Sherry silently and quickly.  Sherry turned and noting her, pressed the safety button Randal had installed on her cap.  “What do you want?”

“You!”  Damara approached her but before she could complete the action of capturing her, Sherry dodged and ran.  Damara was no match for Sherry who dropped everything and ran like a marathon runner.

Without looking back, Sherry ran.  Taking one street then a back street she ran along a prepared route she and Randal had constructed together.  A gym stood at the end of the route and she hustled inside heedless of the other occupants and headed for the back corner then pinched the safety button to alert Randal.

He arrived within minutes and raced to her side.  “Sherry, what happened?”

“Damara showed up.  She had something odd in her hand and she was pointing it at me, so I took up running.”

Grabbing her and holding on tightly he said, “Thank god you remembered the plan!”

“Never honestly thought I’d need it, but you were right, Randal, she had a look on her face I can’t describe.  Evil, pure evil and full of intent!”

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