Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 156

Looking into her eyes, hands cupping her face, Randal asked, “You ok?”

“Yes, I’m fine.  Really.  Nothing happened.”

“It could have!”  Pulling her tight to his chest he wrapped her up tightly in his arms. “You are now under constant guard.  Someone is with you 24/7 Sherry.  I think you’ve become her target.”


“Because of me.”  The chagrin was clearly visible in his eyes.

“No, not you, Randal.  It’s all on her and her chosen path.”

“It wouldn’t have happened to you if not for me.”

“Well, with you and Germaine to protect me, I’m sure I’ll be safe.  I have no concerns on that score.  And since I want to live to see another day, I’ll gladly listen to whatever you have in mind.”

Kissing her forehead he said, “Good.”  Heartfelt care clearly emanated with those words.

“Let’s head to my place, the security is best there.”  Randal kept an arm secured around her waist as they headed to their vehicles.  “I’m right behind you.”

Sherry smiled, “I won’t take unnecessary chances, Randal, I promise.”  Seeing her words alleviate some of his concern, she hopped into her vehicle and seeing her secure he headed to his.  He was immediately on the holo-phone with Germaine then Brenda to explain the turn of events.

They would meet up at Randal’s immediately and plan their next move.

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