Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 157


“Damn!”  Germaine pounded his fist on the table.  “Damn!”  His response to the news about Sherry echoed Randal’s feeling completely.

Turning to Sherry he asked, “You ok?”

“Fine.  Really.  I was more surprised than shocked, and Randal was there in time.  Good thing I had my best running shoes on!”  Sherry smirked.

Grabbing her, Germain hugged her, “Yeah, me too!”

“This means round the clock protection.  I doubt she’ll back off.  She has no reason to.  If she’d risk an attempt on you, she’s dead serious and her backs to the wall.”

“She’d go after Sherry if she couldn’t get you.  Going after Sherry makes more sense in the long run.  She’d figure her for unprepared.”

“What I was thinking.  I need you to guard Sherry, Germaine, every moment!”

“That I can do.  I’ll have my best men stationed around the perimeter too.  I have to make arrangements.”

Germaine moved into the other room so he could talk freely and assign his men.

“With Germaine’s men and backing, I know you’ll be safe, Sherry, but you will have to remain here.”

“I thought as much.  Normally I’d put up a fight about taking a couple days off, but considering the circumstances, I won’t.  I know this assignment is essential to you, Randal. I want you to catch her and if your mind’s divided, it won’t help matters.”

“I love you, Sherry.  I won’t let her harm you.  Every precaution, every precaution will be implemented.”

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