The moment slipped through her fingers

Left now with memories that still linger

So ephemeral, a mist moving slowly by

Her breath caught, mixed with a sigh


What might have been, all that remains

Burning desires, as of searingly hot flames

Scorching remnants of what might have been

If she’d had the courage to reach out again


And grasp that which was most precious ‘n dear

Instead of sitting on the banks of a career

That was less than fulfilling most of the time

For which she’d endured an uphill climb


While the man of her dreams turned away

Uninterested in a temporary buffet

He’d wanted a life-long commitment

The dream, the bouquet, his endearment


Lay like dust and ashes at their feet

Empty forlorn, powder now on the street

The one man she’d always loved

Someone she’d considered beloved


Lost to her so many years ago on that day

Suddenly appeared before in the doorway

The look in his eyes bespoke ardour and love

The moment of truth, sonnets were made of



Your Daily Word Prompt – Fugacious – August 29th, 2018

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