Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 158

Since they were to keep communication at a minimum unless vital and urgent, Brenda surreptitiously contacted Vance, determining the situation warranted it.   Vance was now up to speed on current events and along with a warning about interfering also suggested he had a plan in place.  As soon as Randal saw the indicator he’d left, he’d know exactly how to react.  Brenda sighed in relief.

Damara was no slouch, obviously.  She was smart, capable, dangerous and pure evil.  She’d stop at nothing to gain her own ends.  Having studied with Campbell, she’d outmaneuver him when the time came, even if that meant killing him.  She was pure evil.  He, the dumb schmuck was taking a risk that would not bode well for him in the end.  Vance and Randal would catch Campbell or Damara would finish him.  Either way, the dumb schmuck was taking a risk that did not bode well for him in the end.  Damara had a great deal more to answer for.  She’d proven what she would do, what she was capable of and murder ranked high on the list of possibilities.  Brenda was determined that her plans would not include Randal, Sherry or any other member of her team.   Since Vance had that end covered, she’d pull double duty here.  She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.  Damara was enemy number one!  Brenda would love nothing better than to be the one to take her down!

Sherry was relaxed.  She had no reason for concern.  Randal had things well in hand.  She watched noting the tension in Germaine.  “It will be ok, Germaine.  I know you guys have this.”

Germaine, caught off guard, stared a moment, then gave her a half smile.  “That obvious, is it?”

“Only to me.  I’ve been studying you.  I know you now.  It’s what I do, study people, in order to help set up a program that assists them the most.”

“Your good people, Sherry.”

She smiled, “Thanks.”

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