Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 159

Sykes was meeting with his backup.  Nix was supposed to be here, damn it.  Where was he?  Everything hinged on his being ready.  The cut was good so there wasn’t any reason for the delay.  They needed to go over the plan, fine-tune every detail.

Meanwhile, Germaine was having an interesting conversation at the precinct.  Nix Farrow was sitting across from him, holo-chained to a chair.  Having been caught red-handed attempting to rob a jewelry store, he was ready to plea bargain.  He had an interesting tale to tell that might be worthy of a plea bargain if his information was correct.  Germaine explained how it worked and told Nix he’d have to cool his heals while he contacted the powers that be to make the scenario happen should his information prove valuable and only then would he consider it.  As he turned, he smiled.  Yes indeed!  It wouldn’t hurt Nix to sit and sweat it out for a bit.  In the meantime, he contacted Randal to inform him of the latest intel.

Randal was pleased.  This was good news, it was coming together.  It would be a coo indeed if they could catch all the players together in one go.  Still, he’d learned not to count his chickens as on too many occasions something had gone wrong at the last minute and endangered the operation.  Still it sounded legit and he suggested Germaine let Nix go within a half hour, enough time to have Nix followed.  If the plan was in play, they couldn’t hold him long before Sykes got antsy and found another player or disappeared completely.  Germaine agreed letting Nix go after assuring him that if all went according to plan and he didn’t double-cross him, he’d get his deal.

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