Time is wasted in youth and even later in life.  Many wake up to it’s immeasurable value only after a near death incident (theirs, a close friend or family member, possibly their own).

It pains me to watch 8 to 10-year-olds as well as teens glued to their ipad or phones on instagram or whatever platform they are indulging in while others are glue to youtube or television.  It’s indeed a sad commentary on our times.  And yes, we had the “boob tube” as it was called in my day by which you could waste hour upon hour if you chose to do so.

Time is our most precious commodity!  When it’s gone, it’s gone! There are no backsies. The advent of cell phones has robbed our youth of the ability to learn, to grow, to experience life, its pleasures and complexities.

Dating myself, I have to say I played outside for hours.  We knew to come home when it started to get dark and the street lights turned on.  We played tag, hide and seek, raced around (sometimes in places we probably shouldn’t have been) but we lived.  We got dirty, we got scratched up with some “boo-boos” that hurt, but we had fun doing it.  We learned how to interact with other kids our own age.  We learned who to be wary of, who could be trusted, who could not.

Every moment of every day is precious.  Dr. Perry (in today’s article) mentioned people being bored.  I never was, not as a kid and not as an adult.  There are too many possibilities, too much to discover, to learn about, indeed to try.

Speaking from experience as an oldster, I still want to learn, try new things.  This blog is invaluable to me for that reason.  I’d never thought about writing poetry until I started blogging and although I don’t know the rules (and probably couldn’t keep them in my head if I did) I’m having a blast playing with it.  I love writing and again, this blog has given me the courage to “just write”.

I loved painting, drawing, photography and I spend hours enjoying those of you willing to share the sights you have enjoyed because while I would have loved to travel and experience other countries, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the money to do so. I have admittedly become an armchair traveler.  It works for me as I can’t get around as I once could nor see as well as others.  For a time, I was stumped by the inability, the loss, but there are still plenty of wonders to enjoy to experience to become involved in.

If you knew these were your final hours, how would you spend them?  As a youngster, as a teenager as a young adult, I’m sure the answers would vary greatly?  As an older person you probably have a completely different set of “to dos” on your list.

I loved Dr. Perry’s article and beseech every single person to try something new, different, challenging that make life worth living.


3 thoughts on “Time!

  1. I think your call to action “I…beseech every single person to try something new, different, challenging that make life worth living.” is absolutely famous. So, today, can I say that I met the challenge? Today I met a wonderful historian, Arthur S. Morton (Arthur Silver), 1870-1945, through his research, and it was glorious

    1. How exciting is that! Yay! Truly awesome. I did something new today too. I made purse jewelry, quite a feat when you are blind and I loved every minute of it. NOt as spectacular as meeting Arthur S. Morton, but for me, astounding hehe. Great to see you, Sir. Missed you!

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