Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 160


Damara wasn’t interested in following Sykes.  She figured she had him in the palm of her hand.  Now that her plans for Sherry had fallen through, that game was probably cancelled.  Randal would have her under lock and key with no way to get to her.  She’d have to go to plan B.

Campbell thought she was his and she had been, until she’d learned what his goal was, now she wanted in.  She ran over his plan to determine his likely course of action, how he’d react, what he’d do and what possible scenario he’d follow up with to make good his escape.  Since he had no reason to suspect her motives, she assumed he’d continue with the plan they’d discussed after which, she’d introduce her own plan, sending Campbell to hell or as close a proximity as possible so he couldn’t interfere with her – ever!

She’d gather up the gold, all laid out prettily for the picking, her picking.  And with Sykes and Campbell out of the way, she’d be a hell of a rich woman.  She leered lasciviously into space.  Yes, indeed, she’d be rolling in dough from here to eternity.


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