Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 161


Vance was delighted with the prospect of catching Damara and Campbell in one go.  They’d have to play their cards close to the vest, but it could be done, with style and flair if Randal so chose to go that route.  Brenda had been gone in what seemed like forever and he missed her, more than he thought possible.  They couldn’t communicate without Campbell possibly stumbling onto their communication, so he was unable to let her know how he felt.  He’d just have to show her when she returned.

Everything was in place.  They were as ready as humanly possible, it was all up to timing and spot on reactions in the moment.  He sighed.  Time to go over their plans one last time.

Meanwhile, Randal was doing the same.  He’d called his team together at his home and they were tweaking every instance and possibility.

More than that, his mind was on the inevitable, telling Sherry about his life, past present and future.  He wasn’t sure how she’d take it.  He’d settled rather comfortably with the knowledge, it made sense of so much he’d wondered about.  Situations that felt right, but not.  Instances of flashes that had made a twisted sense but that he couldn’t place.

His heart knew what he wanted.  He wanted this existence, with Sherry.  It didn’t have all the advantages and advances that had been made, the eloquence or the panache, but this existence had Sherry, and in his mind, that more than made up for the losses.

He thought about Vance and the team.  He missed him.  He was a brilliant man with a future.  Without Randal at the helm, it would fall to Vance to lead the team.  A job he was born to do.

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