Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 162


They were all edgy.  The clock was ticking in every part of the known universe and the unknown as well.  Crucial that everyone was ready and on their game.  While they were prepared, there was always the unknown, how Damara Campbell or Sykes would react.  Their reactions would ultimately determine the outcome of the game.

Randal was sitting out on the back deck surveying the beauty surrounding him when Sherry joined him.

“Randal,” she waited until he looked up.  “What’s up?  You seem tense.  You’re never tense.”

Taking her hand in his he pulled her onto his lap.  “There are things you need to know, things I recently found out that are going to blow your mind, your knowledge of what is and can be.  It involves me and ultimately you.”

“That sounds mysterious.”

“I didn’t mean it to.  It’s factual and true, but it’s going to take considerable thought to wrap your mind around.”

“Ok, lay it on me,” Sherry remarked placing a hand on his cheek.  She’d never seen Randal the least bit rattled, and he was rattled.  How much she couldn’t be sure, but she knew whatever it was, it was big and concerning.

“Is this about the case?  You know I’m safe here, with you and Germaine.  I have no concerns about my safety.”

“No, it’s not about your safety although that puts my mind at ease.”

He began his story with the Phase Shift she’d witnessed, went on to explain about the mirror, the connections with Damara, the other things he’d seen.  He took his time, explaining in detail how things worked.

“This is extremely amazing.  How did you come to the knowledge the connection?”

“That’s the amazing part.”  Randal stared directly into her eyes, never letting go of her hands which he held gently but firmly in his.


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