Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 164


Sherry paced as her mind raced through all the possibilities and her heart through overwhelming emotion ranging from shock to elation and everything in between.  Randal watched reading the emotions flitting across her face.  He’d given her a great deal to consider, to absorb.  Hell, he wasn’t sure he’d completely absorbed it and he understood it.

“What if Damara manages to run again?  Will you follow?”  Sherry stood stock still in front of him.  It wasn’t an easy or lighthearted question.  It had implications, ramification.

“I’m certain we’ll catch her, Sherry.” Looking her dead in the eye he continued, “No.  I won’t go after her again.  I’ve lived what seems a lifetime and a half chasing her.  It ends here.  If by some crazy off-chance, we don’t catch her, then it will be for others to follow up.”

Standing, wrapping his arms securely around her he continued, “I love you, Sherry, my life is here with you.  I’ve known it from the moment we met.”  He laughed, “I know, coming from the pragmatist that’s quite amusing, but it’s true.  You are the one I belong with, the one I want.  I look forward to looking into those beautiful eyes, sharing our days and nights, forever!  If you’ll have me.”

“Randal!”  Sherry’s eyes lit with warmth affection and love.

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