Response – JSW Prompt 9-3-2018

Writing Prompt #4: With that, she walked into the rain and didn't look back. That was the last time anyone ever saw her.


She had her reasons, reasons she couldn’t explain, not to him, not to anyone.  They were better off not knowing.  Knowing was the knowledge that placed her in this predicament to begin with.  Curiosity. Curiosity about an oddity that like a puzzle, she couldn’t put down.  The need to know motivated her to dig until she learned the truth. What was that old saying, “the truth shall set you free”?  Not so much.  Not in this case.

She was on the run, never staying too long, getting too close, becoming involved in life.  No attachments made leaving easier.  Never easy, just easier.  The haunting loneliness was indescribable.  It ate away at her soul until she almost wished they’d find her and end this.  Almost.

One day she hoped she’d find the courage to come forward, to lay it all out for everyone, so they all knew the truth, but for now, to safeguard her family and friends, she must run.  Constantly hunted by those that would lay the story to rest with her so it never saw the light of day.

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – JSW Prompt 9-3-2018

  1. Hi! I found you via Floating Gold’s Block Party. I read the poem (from 2016) you linked to and it was great to read about the glorious tree and the role it played in lost loves. It was also fascinating to see the addendum you allowed someone else to add. I was intrigued by that concept. Then I started poking around to see what else you’re doing, found some more poetry, and then landed here. This piece invites curiosity. Do you flesh this out elsewhere or are these short pieces designed to be short-word-fiction pieces that stand alone? I’ll poke some more as you have things here that I’d like to explore.

    1. I write a poem a day (was linked to the word of the day) now it’s linked to Sheryl’s Post of the Day in response to others like me who were so disappointed wp decided to can “Daily Post”. I write mystery/romance stories and post a chapter a day for that as well. I love Floating Gold’s blog. I visit every day. I saw the jsw prompt and decided to play along, it was great fun!

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