Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 165


Vance was watching from a distance, waiting.  This had to be exact.  They were prepared, they’d rehearsed and knew exactly what to do when.  It would all happen in the blink of an eye, literally.  Although they looked calm, his team was antsy, on edge, both with excitement and concern.  This would be their only opportunity to catch Damara and Campbell.  If they missed the moment, they would both disappear into the unknown and it could take an eternity to find them let alone capture them.

He couldn’t wait to have Brenda back by his side.  He’d missed her and hoped she was missing him.  Long distance relationship, who knew!  Not his cup of tea for sure.

Instead of pining for Brenda he needed to get his mind in the game.  Ok, again, last time, go over every detail, every participant and their part in the play.  Looking up he glanced at his team.  Yeah, they were good, efficient and dedicated.  He had confidence in each one of them.  They’d celebrate when this was over, he’d buy a bottle of the best Champagne he could find.  Smiling, he went back to work.


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