Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 166


Tension was high as everyone sat cued, at the ready.  Randal watched as glances were cast back and forth.  This was the moment of truth, it was here, it was now.  He understood completely but they were ready.

Everyone in the office knew what to do and those on location at Webster’s were equally prepared. No doubt the same emotions and even excitement abounded at Vance’s location.  He could easily picture Vance hovering and smiled.  Within minutes, it would all be over – one way or the other.

He watched as Damara phased into position behind Webster’s desk, a knowing smirk upon her face.  The cat with the Cheshire grin.  Almost immediately Sykes appeared and moving to her side, reached into his pocket.  Randal zoomed in on his hands.  He moved a phase gun into position, at the ready.  Damara moved to the computer and pulled out a phase shift monitor, locking it in place it glowed neon orange red and blue.

Instantly Campbell phased into view looking calm and relaxed without a care in the world.  He smiled at Damara and then crossed glances with Sykes and his body language shifted.  He hadn’t expected anyone else would be present and it took him back a pace, he looked startled, apprehensive.  They appeared to be arguing.

Campbell raised his hand with an interesting phase shift want about to use it when everything crackled and shades of lightening phased the entire room.  They all jumped backward in surprise, their glances following the rainbow effect as it circles the room.

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