Phase Shift

Phase Shift Part 3 – Page 167

Phase Shift Part 3 – Page 167


None moved as the light display continued then settled around them, encircling them.  “What the hell is this?”  Damara shouted.

“I don’t know,” Campbell replied, “where’s it coming from?”

“It has to be you!  You’re the only one that knew we’d be here!”  Damara screeched!

“It wasn’t me!”  Campbell reiterated.  “I’ve never seen it before!” He gestured wildly at the surrounding arc of light.

Damara stared at him then at Sykes whose expression flashed between fear dread and shock.  He staggered back touching the rainbow and was immediately propelled forward and immediately disappeared.  The other two stared at the space he’d occupied then at each other.  “You did this!”  Damara exclaimed.

“I did not, I had nothing to do with it.”

“How do we get out?” she whined.

“We don’t!”

“Fix this!!!!!!!”  she screamed.

“I can’t!  I don’t know how it’s being generated or where it originates from!”

Damara looked around the room, the wheels turning in her head and suddenly she yelled, “RANDAL!”

The second she mentioned Randal’s name, Campbell raised the wand he’d been carrying setting co-ordinates and instantly randal responded.

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