Phase Shift Part 3 – Page 168


Before Campbell could finish moving Vance hit the holo-screen in front of him.  Instantly Campbell disappeared.  Damara’s complexion turned ashen as she fell backward into the rainbow Randal had moved to within inches of her back.

It was done!  They’d captured them all!  A deafening hoorah rose in each location that bested a win at Gillette Stadium.

Randal slumped in his holo-chair.  Could it be that easy?  Was it over?  Finally? The years of tracking Damara, the willing and admittedly small sacrifice in jumping into her time stream, the effort of his entire team both past and present, coming together, coming to fruition, ending the chase, abundantly worthwhile.

Brenda raced up to Randal and as he turned his chair to face her, threw herself into his arms, “Randal!  It’s over, we did it!”  Standing up she said, “Bonus city!  We got them all.” She danced a little jig and Randal was taken back to so many other occasions when after closing a case Brenda had immediately responded with her famous jig.  He smiled warmly at the thought as a jab of loss pierced his mind and heart.

“Come on, Randal, get up, cheer, join me in a jig.  We did the unbelievable, well not unbelievable, we knew we’d get them, but we did it all in one go!”

Randal stood and gave Brenda a massive hug so heartfelt and warm Brenda nearly melted.  Randal?  Hugging? Wow this was new.  He’d always shown respect consideration and some affection for his team but a hug? Wow!

When he let go she looked up into his face and said, “You’ve changed.  For the better I might add.  I think Sherry is good for you.”

“Too good for me.”  His smile slipped.

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