Phase Shift Part 3 – Page 169


Brenda, hands on hips replied, “Never!  You are right together!  I think this is good, the one thing that was missing in your life was an honest to god relationship.”

“I agree with you there, Brenda.  She’s an amazing woman and I adore her.”

“So, what is this doubt about then?”

“Not sure what’s written in the cards, will I be able to stay, or will time pull me away?”

“Vance is still working on that but sees no reason why it should.  Damara would have remained until she chose to leave and there doesn’t appear to be any side-affects to her time travel, even though she’s obviously been at it for some time.  You know time travel better than anyone!  You’re the ultimate!  What does your gut tell you?”

“That I can choose and remain wherever.”

“Then don’t doubt yourself now.  You know what’s possible and impossible.”  Placing a hand on his shoulder she said, “It’s all about choices, Randal.  Here and now, with Sherry, or in the future with us, and alone.”

“I know, Brenda.  It’s a tough choosing between two lives, both absolutely satisfying although different.  The one difference is Sherry.”

“Is she worth fighting for, Randal, do you love her?”

“Of course, she is, and yes I love her beyond measure.”

“Can you see your future without her?”

The look on his face said it all.  “Then I think you have your answer, don’t you?”

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