I haven’t figured out how to get the pictures here.  My son just bought a Black German Shepherd first generation from Europe.  Bred so they don’t have hip problems (as most Shepherds do).  He is a beauty.  At first he was so timid it was difficult to get him to lift his head off the floor.  Quite a change from 30 acres or roaming to a small sized home.

Today, he’s acting (36 hours after arriving) as any mischiefous regular pup would. We were up at 5 am and the following is a diatribe of all we’ve managed to achief in 2 hours. 🙂  Hopefully the kids will come visit and entertain him for a bit as I can’t get around so easily.  He’s taken to me and lays by my side and my son is torn between Loki as in Low – Key since he’s such a laid back dog, relaxed calm quiet, and Romeo.  His mother was a show dog and my son’s considering that route as well,  (hence Romeo) he’s got breeding rights too and he’s a mag dog.  So many possibilities in his future.  The name is still up in the air though.  He’s been namesless for 4 months, I guess a couple days won’t matter too much. As soon as I can get a picture transferred here, I’ll add a little blurb.

Who knew I’d join the dog-owner’s association at my age (ok, by proxy) since he’s not my dog, but he’ll be with me for 8 hours a day while my son works! mwhaha…..Fortunately A has 8 days vacation time coming day after tomorrow (a good thing after month of 13 hour days)  so they will have lots of time to bond, play, run etc.

We found a local Obedience School for lack of a better word, that will come into your home and teach every individual interacting with the dog, how to respond to him.  A good thing as I can’t get around well nor see well either.  The little ones are 8 and 10.  E is 17 and LOVES dogs and can’t have as my daughter is allergic.  So as you can imagine, they spend a great deal of time over here entertaining the pup, and being entertained in return.  E has been taking him on walks during the day which works well until my son’t off work.  Needless to say, she LOVES it and looks for excuses to walk him?! lol

My cat, Porsche, well his nose is out of joint.  He comes in long enough to eat and then goes right back outside.  Abbey on the other hand, has been nose to nose with him.  (she didn’t come in for 2 days) but has given up the fight and they at least tolerate each other.  We’ll see what the future holds.

It’s been years since I had a pup

Amazing how many times I get up

He’s chewing on chords or wires

As his mind quickly conspires


What next to get into what’s fun

Oh look, socks, I have you on the run

Cats food stolen oh yes, yum yum

You don’t mind sharing do you ol’ chum


Outside we go for a quick roam

Look at that, I could gnaw on that chrome

So much to see, so much to do

I’m 4 months old bigger than you


A beauty for sure full of fun and mischief

Although playful not a bit rough

I’ll play and I’m quiet I won’t bark

Unless inviting the cat to play, knee-jerk


The picture I found online is pretty dang close! wow!

Your Daily Word Prompt – Enclosure – September 10th, 2018

7 thoughts on “Enclosure – Sheryl’s Prompt

      1. Puppies are the best. When I got Mackie, he was four months. He used to curl up on my head and lick my nose.

        Now I have Carla, who I adopted at 3 years old. She’s a retired racer, so she’s a little bit puppy-ish, but there’s nothing like a little one.

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