Phase Shift Part 3 – Page 170


It took several hours to complete the “holo-work” which meant a longer day than usual, but no one seemed to mind.  Randal suggested they head home suggesting the rest of the paperwork could wait, the majority of the reports were complete.  There were cheers all round followed by several high five’s.  This one had gone well!  Everyone left in good spirits.   Randal saw them all out, slapping some of the guys on the back and nodding approval at others.

Germaine arrived, a huge grin on his face.  “Well, we did it, Randal.  Impressive work!”  He added his own high five and Randal grinned.

“Couldn’t have done it without you!”

“You have to hear this, Randal, it’s amazing.”  Randal waited expectantly.

“It seems that due to the incidents today, all the previous reports have vanished, the wrongful reports about you, your name has been cleared.  How the hell did that happen?”

“I know because you were the talk of the precinct along with glowing reports about what you accomplished here.  It’s like two lives rolled into one with the same outcome.”

“Good to know.”

“Yeah, I guess this means I’ll be moving out, back to my place.”

“I suppose so.”

“It’ll give you and Sherry the privacy you deserve.  It’s been a long run, but a successful one.”

“Yeah, it has been completely worthwhile!”

“I’ll pick up my stuff pronto and head out.  We should get together, we have some celebrating to do.”

“Wait at my place, I’ll order in, we can share the event with Sherry.  I’m sure she’d appreciate that,” Randal suggested.

“Ok, done!”

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