Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 172

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 172


Vance’s elation ended abruptly.  Although his team was vibrating with success, he was standing in his office shocked and disbelieving.  Damara was locked up securely, but within minutes of transporting Campbell to lock-up, he’d vanished.  Vance had worked for 20 minutes trying to find his trail but to avail.  He was gone.  He’d had a plan in place they hadn’t considered and weren’t prepared for.  A loop-hole through which he’d made good his escape.  It would take an incredible amount of time to find him now. He’d cover his tracks and the only man capable of finding him was Randal since he knew how Campbell’s mind worked.

Damn!  The only answer was for Randal to return to this time and place!  Having discussed the situation with Brenda, he knew Randal had found a life, one worth living with a woman he loved.  Could he in all good conscience tell him about Campbell’s escape, disrupt that life and encourage him to return?

It was Randal’s decision.  He’d have to make the call.  That didn’t mean he had to explain the situation this instant.

As he sat in his holo-chair, staring down at his holo-screen blinking in rapid fashion, he heard a knock at his door.  Looking up, his eyes lit with a warm welcome.  Brenda!

Standing he met her half way and they embraced in a romantic clinch to end all reunions.  “Brenda my lovely!”

“Hi.  That was a welcome worth receiving,” she smiled affectionately.

“Glad your back!”  He hugged her again.

“I see that look in your eye, the one that transcends everything else, the one I know means trouble.”

Leaning down he lay his forehead against hers, “You know me well!” Sighing he said, “We’ll talk later.  For now, let’s go home.  I have a reunion awaiting you.”

“Promises promises,” she circled his waist with her arm, ”I can’t wait!”

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