Phase Shift

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 174

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 174


Randal was working through the paperwork at Webster’s.  Interestingly, with the capture of Damara, the books had been cleared, the money returned and everything was in order as it should be.  He’d hoped as much.  Playing with time was tricky, it could have gone either way but fortunately, time reset to the course its proper course.

As he continued perusing, he noticed an oddity.  Webster was no longer engaged.  Out of curiosity, he pulled up the file on his intended and found it missing.  Perhaps that was for the best since she was interested in someone else.  Mara Townsend had eloped with none other than the man she’d secretly been meeting for months.  After considerable digging, he’d found the connection.  Webster had been shy about the relationship since she worked for him and had denied having a romantic interest and Randal had let it go.  After he found the clandestine meetings with the other man and realizing they weren’t involved but hiding their tryst, he’d moved on to the real culprit.  Webster was far better off without her.

Grimm had moved up in the company, promoted as a result of informing him regarding her brother’s involvement.  She was pleased at the promotion but there was pain behind her eyes.  A double-edged sword indeed.

As for Germaine, he’d been offered a promotion and he may accept it one day, but for now, he was a man of action, preferring to work in the field, a cop through and through.

He knew Campbell had disappeared but that was in another lifetime another place.  Vance was up to the task although he may not think so.  With Brenda at his side, they’d find Campbell.

Randal would stay here, in this time, with the woman he loved above all others.  They would make a life together, share that life for as long as he was afforded the possibility.  After contemplating the situation and all the possible results, he’d take his chances and stay with Sherry.  She was aware of the risks as well, aware of the possible consequences and although hesitant and concerned for his welfare, he’d assured her he was safe and would live as normal a life as anyone else and would die when his time was up, the same as anyone else.

All in all, phase shift opened new doors and possibilities and a life worth living.  He couldn’t ask for more.

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