Phase Shift –  Part 3 Page 175


Campbell was delighted, patting himself on the back having made good his escape into a time and place they’d never find him.   He’d used ingenuity forethought and care to remove himself from their grasp without leaving clues and he was preening like a rooster, wanting to crow about besting them.  A feat of genius managing to find and place the perfect protocols in position to thwart Randal Vance and Brenda.  Otherwise he’d have been captured along with that female dragon, Damara.

Damara’s cohorts had been removed into oblivion, another avenue he’d taken care of so there was no one who could identify him or his part in Damara’s little game.  Smiling up at the purple hued sky he sneered.  The albatross gone, he could live out his life in luxury and fanfare.  For here, he was treated like a god, with respect awe, wonder.  Yes, the life he’d always longed for, stretching before him without end.

His fingers itched to play but as he stared at the holo-screen he knew without a doubt it would take time perhaps months before he could once again tamper with time.  Randal was a worthy adversary who could pick up his scent in an instant.  He’d have to let it go for now fearing he’d raise red flags that would alert anyone regarding his whereabouts.   Randal wasn’t the only adversary capable of finding him, Vance might or Brenda too and he’d love to keep tabs on all of them, throw a monkey-wrench into their lives just for kicks, but it was a joy he’d have to hold onto for another time, an avenue of pleasure he’d delve into when the time was right.

He stared straight ahead and whispered, “Beware the Phase Shift, Randal!” he warned.


The End

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