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My grand daughter 8 and grandson 10 were excited about the Circus.  Mom had promised she’d take them last night as she’s starting days off and they could attend the last showing.  As was explained to me, it was a regular Circus with clowns, trapeze artists and magicians.

The magician was up first and the kids were excited as they had both shown an interest in magic and for Christmas, my son bought S a magic kit which she was all over with great joy spending many pleasurable hours entertaining her brother then us as individuals.  She caught on to it quite quickly and was very good at what she did.

After several of the magicians segments, she crossed her arms, looked up at mom and said “we can go now”.  When asked why, the reply (priceless) “I’m better than he is.  I can do all these acts myself.  So we can go now.” None of the other children had seen or knew magic and were awed by the sight of flowers appearing from nowhere and items disappearing. Needless to say there was an element of disdain in her voice.

They stayed and the trapeze artists weren’t much better apparantly but the clowns were good and had everyone laughing until tears were running down their cheeks so it wasn’t a total loss.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Element – September 18th, 2018

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