He’d loved her since that fortuitous moment they’d met as she’d raced headlong down the dock waving goodbye to friends leaving on a cruise-ship.  When she’d crashed into someone racing the opposite direction, both heedless of the other, she’d nearly toppled into the ocean.

He hadn’t believed in serendipity until that moment, his arms wrapped around the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, the light, the humour in her eyes that lit her entire being completely beguiled him.

It changed his life, their lives forever as they charted a lifelong course side by side with so many delightful tales to share now they were old and gray.  And still, she was as unpredictable, her antics as delightful at 70 as when she was at 18.

If he’d written about her escapades, he doubted anyone would believe them.  They were sweet endearing humourous and simply captivating because of their innocence.

He looked across at her, sitting in her favourite chair and smiled.  She returned that mischievous smile of her and he knew immedately she was up to something. He was game as always, ready to participate in whatever delightful endeavour she had in mind.

Yes, fortuitous indeed.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Fortuitous – September 22nd, 2018

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