Quintessential – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt


Quintessential, carrier pigeons

Delivering to many regions

We’ve come so far since then

No more, the quill and pen


Vast changes society then underwent

In the blink of an eye, a message sent

A telephone hanging on the wall

One per house and that was all


Now communication instantaneous

Everyone in the room simultaneous

Alexander Graham Bell’s photophone

Precursor to fibre-optics telephones


Your Daily Word Prompt – Quintessential – September 25th, 2018

4 thoughts to “Quintessential – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt”

    1. I was thinking in terms of my grandkids and kids. My son isn’t addicted to his stuff , he can put it down. My grand kids are getting there., they aren’t too bad, maybe because I’ve made a point of how rude it is. My daughter, she’s more distracted than the rest, so the kids reminded her of her rule, no electronics at the table. Mwahaha

  1. A lovely tribute to our fast changing world. I remember my grandmother saying how she had lived through the popularity of radio through to the internet – a lot of changes in one lifetime – areal revolution.

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