The autumnal changes

Bright and courageous

Trees resplendent indeed

Dazzling readily received


A dash of orange here

A splash of red there

Magnificent colours

Bring an end to summer


Surrounded by a rich earthy bouquet

Under the stars and milky way

A sigh escapes as leaves tumble down

With coffee cup and dressing gown


I pay tribute to the changing of seasons

Relaxed yet filled with mixed feelings

For winter will surely arrive in quick time

Allowing for quite a different pastime


Your Daily Word Prompt – Resplendent – September 26th, 2018

7 thoughts on “Resplendent – Sheryl’s Post

    1. Me too, I love the fall. It’s crisp, colourful, aromatic, and of course a precursor to winter which is a beautiful season. I love them all, but I think fall is my favourite.

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