Purse Charms

Thought I’d share with you, what I’ve been doing.  My 17 year old grand daughter took the first pictures, and my 16 year old grand daughter took the ones with the green writing.  Although I can’t see much, I had a great deal of fun making these and I’m hoping they’ll sell before Christmas.  Do you think $15.00 is a fair price?  Looking for feedback 🙂  Thank you in advance.  I appreciate it.












10 thoughts to “Purse Charms”

  1. I hope you got my note. I reattached mine using the hook (circle) part of a keyring. I’m pretty sure THAT is going to hold up to anything I can give it. I’ll send you a new copy of mine tomorrow. It might look fancier on a black bag, but a lot of women carry red handbags these days, so it’s good to see what it looks like on other colors!

    1. Oh that’s awesome, I was going to send the stuff in the mail tomorrow as my son has the day off. I just posted the last ones I made and asked for input for prices. $15.00 covers the cost not postage so we’ll see what ppl have to say. I’m hoping they’ll sell as I spent my christmas money on them lol. But it was fun.

      1. I really love them, and the price is very good. If you made something with moons or moon phases, I’d be all over them, and I don’t even carry a purse. ?

        1. I’ll have to go look see if I can find moons etc. I just got a like from Jane Lang, Artist so hopefully, I’ll engender more interest and possibly sales! hehe

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