Haunted by her loveliness

His heart held but heaviness


The woman of his dreams

He’d love since they were teens


Had drifted away, stared vacantly

Yet he lay by her side silently


Still captivated by unending love

This woman, his morning dove


With whom adventures shared

Nothing else simply compared


She may not know he was there

Her mind on escapades shared


Shining brightly, undiminished

Until his days on earth were finished

Your Daily Word Prompt – Haunted – October 10, 2018

4 thoughts on “Haunted – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

    1. Thank you and yes it was. It was about a man who visited his wife and lay on the hospital bed beside her though she had no memory of him, yet daily, he stayed by her side. When asked why, when she didn’t remember him, his answer was “I remember her!”

        1. Thank you. It touched my heart when I read the write up. It’s stuck with me ever since, for some reason, I had to write about it today, and this is at least 2 years since I saw it.

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