She lovingly called her family her brood

Though often they might fight and feud

As was want in families of that size

There were often many lows and highs


But her brood had a strong family bond

And when in need, all would respond

Lending a helping hand shoulder or hug

Offered with a gentle ponytail tug


The days were long and nights too short

Farm work took many hours and much heart

To feed a family, sell produce or grain

To keep them going perhaps then gain


A living more fulfilling than hand to mouth

Suffering through floods and often drought

They worked together shoulder to shoulder

Taking time out to assist a new neighbour


Local dances in someone’s barn a highlight

Kick up your heals dance with all your might

Enjoyable entertainment seeing your friends

Sharing the news, new romances, make amends

Your Daily Word Prompt – Brood – October 17, 2018

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