I don’t know about you, but raising children back in the day was fairly easy.  Depending on the age, you played age appropriate games they enjoyed and that entertained them.  Let’s face it, the cardboard box they opened at Christmas and birthdays carried more weight than the toy, often enough.

A walk to the playground, to swing or crawl around in the sand or interact with other children was top notch entertainment for them and for you.  Not only did they have fun, but you had the opportunity to interact with other parents, sometimes compare notes on what did and didn’t work (since all families are different but equal) quite often something else worked better and you gave it a try.

My son works for  XXXX and he received an “emergency” call from a parent…his internet was down.  Apparently the house adjacent caught fire and the cable box was attached to his so the internet went for this fellow as well.  Ok, that’s considered a core outage and will be dealt with appropriately and as immediately as humanly possible.  Good, right?  Not good enough apparently.

This man began screaming into the phone that this was an “E M E R G E N C Y”  his 2  (2) year old didn’t have Netflix and didn’t they have an emergency line for this?  His 2 year old was dependent on internet.  He was dead serious and this wasn’t for show.  My son’s mouth dropped open and he bit his tongue repeatedly because he truly wanted to say, “I guess this gives you the opportunity to parent your child, to interact, play, take your child outside in the big bad world for a change.”  Come on, who wouldn’t?  I would have had more choice words to say I’m sure since I wouldn’t have held my tongue as successfully at any rate.

My son assured him his services would be dealt with and set up an appointed time (which apparently wasn’t a problem as the gentleman would be home all day every day).  The time was set.  Before shift ended last night at 9:30, another agent called him and asked about the man’s service (there’s a record of inbound calls) which explained it had been dealt with and a time set.  This man had gone off on the second agent because his now “frantic” two-year-old had nothing to do but cry and scream because he couldn’t entertain him.

Now, I have a serious problem with this.  Not only in this instance but because you have no idea the number of such calls “call centers” receive for this exact same reason.

How is it that my son (although not a father) knows how to entertain and deal with children and does so successfully with his nephew and nieces and always has, and this man who actually has a child, cannot?  This scary state of affairs is not a limited instance by any means.

Once upon a time I my hackles would have gone up at the suggestion that before becoming parents you take a course in parenting (come on, seriously, there isn’t a handbook for raising children) and we (well most of us) did so quite successfully, pretty much learning as we went either disregarding (our parents if they were worthy of doing so) or adopting the choices we lived with (hopefully throwing out the bad stuff) and when we needed help, most of us weren’t too prideful we couldn’t and didn’t ask other parents for input.

Scary times I tell you.  My rant for the day!:)

8 thoughts on “Parenting?!

    1. I know, ludicrous is the word for it. Self-defeating. Did you know that Steve Jobs refused to allow his OWN kids electronic devices until they were finished high school? Hmm I wonder why!

        1. Well it was the plan after all, mind control of a sort … if you will. It’s been working for years why give up now, just find a more instant way to do it.

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