The party was in full swing

Costumes galore, some with wings

Fairies and monsters galore

All you could imagine and more


Some were prepared, a masquerade

Wearing disguises, many a renegade

The embodiment of fun and games

None included identity and names


Short and sweet as it’s my youngest granddaughter’s 9th birthday.  Everyone is coming in costume and we’re decorating the house with a Halloween theme and she’s having a blast!  Take care have fun everyone.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Masquerade – October 27, 2018

5 thoughts on “Masquerade – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

    1. Oh, she surely did! 10 friends showed up and gifted her 120.00 to buy something special. She got a bracelet that I made with expensive gems in it in pink her favorite colour with diamonds and silver. She got a very special doll and clothes from mom and dad and a “commode” to put them in. The decorations were halloween and magnificent, spider webs everywhere and we decorated cupcakes in different colours, bananas that looked like mummies, hotdogs wrapped in pastry like mummies grapes with chocolate eyes and faces, everyone came in costume and they had a wonderful time together playing, laughing, joking. It was a delight to witness. I think she enjoyed this birthday best of all of them so far, so it made it even more special.

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