November Notes – Sarah and Dipendra (Diamonds and Rust – Joan Baez)



What do you do

when a long lost lover calls you

One you dearly loved

in the long long ago, well thought of

You parted ways then

for reasons hazy now, and yet again

Memories of what was

still linger in your mind and cause

Moments of simple joy

yet you were young such a boy

We moved on and

went our separate ways and fanned

The flames of success

each of us grew, were truly blessed

Down that road

I cannot return

though I care and am concerned

What once was

must stay in the past because…

2 thoughts on “November Notes – Sarah and Dipendra (Diamonds and Rust – Joan Baez)

  1. “because…..”

    There are many books i read as a child that i enjoyed, loved even. Reading them now gives me new insights, i see things that were there that i could not see then – and I still get a sense of enjoyment… and a love recalled.

    Things can change with time – unless we don’t. 😉

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