November Notes – Sarah and Dipendra (The Price – Twisted Sister)


Some are born with a silver spoon

Hardship not known, no combat zone

Others like me, lived an eternity

With fear pain living in uncertainty


Will this be the day that I finally die

Scars and bruises hidden no black eye

They reside underneath well out of view

Beatings on and on, no one else knew


Always the protector standing for all

Unwilling to see them hurt ‘n crawl

I took the blows, endured the pain

At four years old, repeated again and again


They were safe, in my world what mattered

Though I was bludgeoned and battered

They would live on, thought I was right

In hindsight their pain lived as a blight


I have survived at such a great cost

When once I was half of me ‘n so lost

Put the pieces together one by one

I will continue until my days are done


Stubborn determined fiercely protective

I survived knowing that love the directive

Was what I had to give to win the game

And this I loudly proudly proclaim


Let love be your shroud forever more

With everyone you meet and care for

It heals with sweetness pure as honey

It free real costs nothing, not even money


This poem is dedicated to others like me who suffered a lifetime of mental physical and emotional abuse.  I survived, you can too.  Seek out those that can and will help in a meaningful way so you can change the path your on.  It takes courage, you can do it, be brave!  Love to you all, sincerely.

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