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While it is delightful to see little girls dressed to the nines looking so pretty all decked out in jewellery fancy gowns and make-up, I personally believe pageants objectify women, starting with little ones and at an early age they are learning the lesson they are only worthwhile if they are the prettiest or most attractive and anything less is unimportant.  Unfortunately their self-worth becomes tied up with looks and not what’s really important, that which resides within.

If you were blessed with a lovely or beautiful exterior, it wasn’t of your making, it was in the genes.  Others may not have been that fortunate and as a result, their lives are judged harshly based on nothing more than a slightly crooked nose or teeth or anything else considered less than perfect.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of mothers willing to do anything, encourage any kind of behaviour so their daughter will win, and in some cases, even the girl entering will use whatever means necessary to ensure a win.

I realize there are some who don’t fit into this category and it is not my intent to paint everyone with the same brush.  Ideally pageants are meant to build self-esteem and give young women a voice.  I admit I’ve never been involved or wanted to be involved in a beauty contest.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t have.  Over the years I was asked to model by many companies and recruiters from my early twenties on.

Ah yes, the age thing!  That too is a problem very prevalent in society, particularly the movie industry which promotes the idea that your only beautiful if your young with the “perfect body”.

My thought on this is that our young ones need to learn a far more fundamental ideology, that all humans matter, all human life counts and that you are beautiful as you are.  Boys need to learn to care for girls, not just care about their bodies and that they should be treasured and respected.  Girls need to learn they are more than a body, that their ideas thoughts and emotions matter.

Forgive my diatribe but since the opportunity presented itself, I had to have my say.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Pageant – December 9, 2018

6 thoughts on “Pageant – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  1. Children do not belong in beauty pageants. When Garry was covering the news, he really found little girls in makeup and gown utterly offensive and refused to cover the stories. I completely agreed with him. I do not see anything positive coming from these experiences. You are absolutely right.

    1. It has always bothered me, more because of the little girl that was murdered and they had pics of her dressed up like a teenager. yech! maddening!

    1. Sets up unrealistic expectations to begin with, then sets them up for failure because they aren’t always the cutest, the prettiest, the whatever….and they believe they are valued for their looks only. Hate that!

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