I wrote this a couple of years ago, when I started blogging, but I thought it was appropriate today as I read another blog about kindness.



It was really quite maddening

Watching them all haggling

Over the old lady’s prices

While holding many devices


She was frail and she was old

And from the look of her quite cold

She was selling some of her wares

At several markets and some fairs


Not for need or want or fun

But for those who had none

The money that she did raise

Went for Christmas Holidays


For those far less fortunate

Without thought or argument

To my eyes she brought a tear

When I saw a twinkle dear


She was not saddened at all

As she headed to the mall

All the items that did not sell

She dropped into a carousel


Stuffed handmade puppies and kittens

Along with scarves and some mittens

From within her pockets large and deep

She gathered the money not a cent to keep


And into Santa’s collection box it went

For all along this had been her intent

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8 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Such a wonderful and amazing blog- your posts are written with deep, soulful thought which gives the reader a veritable array of profound knowledge!

    1. That’s very dear of you. I try to speak from my heart for the most part, even the humour and only some will appreciate it. It’s really touching to hear I have to say. 🙂 Because it means that I have achieved what I’m attempting to do.

        1. It really is. It brightens my day to be able to come here and breath life into thought, even more when it’s understood and heard whether it’s agreed with or not. 🙂

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