Indubitable – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

She believed in love at first sight

A romantic notion to be sure

That raised awareness to new heights

Watching for the one with such allure


He’d turn her head and she’d then find

The man she was meant to be with

Since he was both gentle and so kind

Surely this was not but a sad myth


Until one day it happened, he came into her life

She had nearly given up on finding him

As days were filled and busy, existence rife

With possibilities filling her cup to the brim


Indubitable, they would find happiness together

Along life’s distinctive often unique trail

And now they were sharing their November

She now look back delighted, love never failed.


Do I believe in love at first sight?  Not really.  I think it’s a lovely romantic idea. When you find someone with whom to share your life, you grab on and hold tight because there are few with the depth and insight to realize that you may be a match in many ways, but it always takes care effort and sometimes work to make a relationship strong.

When the day is done, it’s wonderful to cuddle with that someone special with whom you can pour out your heart knowing you’ll never be judged, but that they are supportive as you are of them.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Indubitable – December 14, 2018

2 thoughts on “Indubitable – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

    1. I’m old so I’m not sure at this stage of the game, perhaps when I was younger…but there are many stories of people finding the love of their life and knowing it instantly, so who can say! It’s definitely possible.

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