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Brouhaha fits particularly well today as we endured a major power outage yesterday, starting around 9:30 am lasting until 11:30 last evening.  The overlapping grids all circled around our place and the area had 15 power outage locations that took out power to 40,000 including neighbouring areas. I’m only mentioning this area because it’s where I live (there were many others as well) that encompassed half the island.

Having lived on the North End of the Island where power outages were a very regular occurrence and lasting from eight hours to several days, I slept just fine (sometimes possibly due to pure exhaustion) but I slept.   I have no explanation for not being able to sleep when the power goes out now, nor do I remember when it started.

With the ultimate silence so profound, no hum from the refrigerator or computers, and no other sounds associated with electricity, the house stood silent but for the furious winds pummelling us.  Outside of the furious winds, I tried to tell myself it was like camping.  My trusty tablet was charged and carried me through until about 8:30 in the evening which gave me an opportunity to catch up on my reading.

When the little ones came home from school, (some closed as trees went down on the school ground) we chatted, they played with the pup and we spent a pleasant time together.  As soon as it got dark and I’m talking pitch black at about five pm, we sat huddled in my living room exchanging stories by candlelight as first one then the other asked interesting questions.

S asked me how we invented electricity – an obviously interesting question since we had none and it’s begged the question what would happen if there were suddenly no power, anywhere!  The conversation included other topics witnessed on the internet, such as the two men in suits that had them looking like bats as they jumped from a plane and flew alongside it, descending for who knows how long before directing their bodies back to the plane and landing through the door to roll out of the way for the second man to enter.  It was mind boggling to watch and we’d witnessed this amazement a few days ago so it came up in conversation.

When everyone was home from work, my son found a store to buy crackers cheese and meat to make sandwiches with so we could eat dinner. (A few stores had electricity due to thoughtful store owners engaging generators).  Since my son’s phone was charged we watched the storms progressive destruction as it bounced around and the resulting hydro outages that continued to grow and change.  The power blipped on about 9 and immediately went out again.

My son was outside and jumped a mile high when the transformer blew, lighting up the entire side of the house and driveway and he was standing quite near when it happened.  We phoned hydro to let them know branches were connecting between hydro lines and sparking and within a half an hour they were on it, cutting back branches and taking down broken limbs.

A massive sign landed half on half off the property as a result of high winds.  People were on edge and agitated.  We are talking 50 k winds (but I’m sure the winds reached 90 k or higher that dropped some pretty massive trees that landed on houses and in school yards.  To me it was a very petulant breeze as on the north end of the island we lived with 100 to 200mph winds and they did create havoc.

Those businesses that were open were inundated with people buying lanterns, food or other necessities such as candles to assist through the duration of the storm (which at that point according to the hydro company) had no end in sight and no idea how long it would take to restore power as they’d fix one area and it would go down and take another with it.  Indeed it was a brouhaha but we all made it through with no injuries but some extensive damage in some areas.

I was surprised the pup enjoyed the storm, he wasn’t frightened or nervous which was a great relief.  He only became agitated when the power kept blipping on and off and had exterior lights flashing on and off and then of course, the big bang really made him nervous but he remained outside the entire day.  He’s learned to ring bells hung by the door when he needs to go outside (and those bells rang every time we brought him in) since he really preferred to be outside.

Today all is calm after the storm and crews are cleaning up downed branches and the brouhaha has settled for now.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Brouhaha – December 15, 2018

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