Cascade – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt


When I think of cascade, water streaming down a riverbank cascading over small waterfalls comes immediately to mind.  Beautiful lovely refreshing.

If you’ve ever lived through a sewage system that suddenly erupted spewing excrement back into toilets and tubs with a constant continual cascade effect, that would be the very last situation that comes to mind.

That’s what happened last night.  It was an eventful evening and luckily the pump guy arrived and after an hour or more managed to clear the underground sewage container (can’t remember what it’s called at the moment).

As you can imagine, although it was an unpleasant situation, several “jokes” came to mind about the “shitty” situation.  Thankfully all is well today with more follow up cleaning and disinfecting as I’m that kind of gal.  I need to make sure all is sterile for everyone.

The house smells clean and fresh once again with only “memorable” remnants of what was.

Indeed today’s word was yet again appropriate.  Sheryl, are you tapping into my future?  I think I need to look at the words in the upcoming prompts.  Smirk Smirk.

Hope you are all enjoying your days leading up to Christmas and preparations are under way for a lovely day with many special memories.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Cascade – December 18, 2018

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