Powerless – literally!

We had another major storm blow through with winds gusting and blowing from 80 to 100mph. We’ve been without power for three days.  We still have no water and sewer as the plant malfunctioned and is down for repairs but they turned the water off as they’d asked that people stop using water…and people being people….filled their tubs and whatever.  Those of us that followed the rules have no water consequently no flush ability, no bathing ability and are left in buy water mode. hmmm.

I wished I could send pictures.  Many of our streets look like war zones.  House, downed tree, house, downed tree, house, downed tree.  We fortunately didn’t have fatalities as a result of the hundreds upon hundreds of downed trees (some splitting homes in two) and or crushing cars.  There were trees that simply snapped in half with the upper half crashing to the ground and it was eerily noisy, with winds and crashing branches.  The amazing (to my mind at least) thing was no sirens (no police, ambulance or firetrucks) although previous to the storm there was an endless stream.  The second the power came on (1 hour ago) instant sirens once again.

Major highways were and are closed.  My grand daughter was trying to get home and met closed road upon closed road and was driving in circles trying to get out.  Ended up her mom and uncle went to rescue her as she didn’t quite understand what was going on (I think it was the devastation around her that blanketed her mind, that and her boyfriend was in an accident that totaled his birthday present – a truck – he’d received only a day ago.  He’s bruised from the airbag and disheartened as his insurance will skyrocket and he’s a new driver.  He wasn’t driving at the time.  Right up until the crash he was yelling at his friend to slow down.

He is one of the sweetest most heartwarming young men I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  He has his head on straight, isn’t into drugs or alcohol and loves poetry and writing and is outgoing and very caring.  I love this young lad.  I told him he’s honourary family forever.

As you can imagine, there’s been both hilarity and concern mixed. My daughter (and we teased her mercilessly about this) bought sausage eggs and hashbrowns which we placed in alluminum and cooked on the barbecue so we ate a delicious breakfast together.  We all called it “camping”.

Lots to do now and little time to buy presents so it’s a whacky Christmas as my daughter and son work Christmas and New Years and then everyone is leaving the day after Christmas for vacation.  Still in two minds about cooking Christmas Dinner as that’s an awful lot of leftovers for 2 people to eat as opposed to 9 people.  I’ll update you along the way when I decide if I want to take it on.  Since there wouldn’t be anone to assist and my walking standing ability isn’t great along with poor eyesight, it’s anybody’s guess what could happen with dinner….but as long as it’s cooked, I guess it’s a win win.

I’ll take a look in a bit at the daily prompt from Sheryl and hopefully catch up with you all.  The grands last day of school and they’re off early so I’ll be pretty busy until bedtime.

Take care, and love to one and all.

I managed to find 2 that I could download.


2 thoughts on “Powerless – literally!

  1. When people ask what will happen when we are going through climate change, I keep saying “just look around … we are already in it.” Nothing is normal and the meteorologists can’t seem to figure out what’s going to happen, either. None of the models fit.

    We’ve had a lot of those storms too, but yours seems to have done more damage, possibly because we each have our own wells, so there’s no plant to shut down. That IS a lot of leftovers. Maybe you can trim down dinner to more reasonable proportions?

    1. I bought a small sized turkey which should be enough to feed us all. I won’t make umpteen salads, just one and some spuds and a veggie, which should suffice.

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