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None of us are feeling particular festive at the moment.  In part due to the colossal storm and the havoc we’ve endured and secondly because another storm is due to pass through today.  So I wanted to write a blog quickly as possible lest we lose power again.

The buses aren’t running so we drove to pick up the kids at school.  I saw firsthand the remnants of the last storm yesterday with crews sawing fallen trees into manageable pieces to haul away.  There are massive trees still cutting off streets and roads though the highway is now passable.  Unfortunately due to a tree falling onto a house, we understand there is one fatality as a result.

Abbey the tabby had to go to the vet to have a minor op due to a dog bite and infection.  She’s doing exceedingly well.  At first she was unable to walk at all.  Luckily it was inflammation and swelling.  Once that went down, she began walking and made her way to our place to sleep with her beloved A.

We noticed however that she wasn’t turning her head.  My daughter examined her and found a lump and infection so my driver and I took her to the vet to have it lanced and antibiotics given and she’s in good form today.

We found a bunch of dog dodo in the back yard owing to 2 dogs entering the yard.  Anyone with dogs would understand immediately that both dogs that have visited are (one much smaller than Loki and the other a bit smaller due to their droppings).  It is a relief knowing Loki wasn’t responsible for accidentally biting her while playing.  They sleep side by side or nose to nose and Loki loves her.  Today she came for a visit and Loki saw her and sniffed and whined his concern.

No water as yet since the plant was damaged so although we are feeling somewhat festive, the current conditions have put a damper on our usual excitement.  With my daughter, son-in-law and the kids leaving on the 26 for LA and their vacation, and being unable to use water to cook, Christmas dinner will be postponed until a more opportune time or by-passed this year.

The good news is we have electricity and therefore heat.  The decorations look lovely too.

The two little ones helped me make dinner.  S (9) cut all the vegetables for the stirfry while S(10) diligently cut the meat, both chatting excitedly as they prepared dinner.  When the pasta was cooked the veggies added and the meat cooked separately by the 10 year old (and he did an amazing job since it’s pork and can be tough) it was combined and they ate with gusto (I think in part due to the fact they’d participated) and the ooh and awes were delightful to hear and witness.

Hopefully this storm won’t create as much havoc and damage.  We aren’t the only ones hit, the entire island has been hit with highways dissolved or destroyed and downed trees and closed facilities everywhere.  I’ve only addressed our area and what we’re living with.

Take care all and should the power go out yet again (which I’m obviously hoping it won’t)  I wish one and all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with those you love.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Festive – December 22, 2018

8 thoughts on “Festive – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  1. At least the little ones will know, when they grow up, how dinner is cooked from real food. It’s something everyone needs to know, but so many never get that lesson. I know this is a bad time for it, but it’s nice to involve others, isn’t it? And realize they have learned something from you, too.

    1. It’s interesting, they always ask me how this or that happened came into being, etc. and always ask, gramma how do you know so much about everything? I loved school and I learned and I read and I researched. I love knowledge. It’s making an impact which touches my heart. My kids learned (especially my son) so much because I’m not the judgemental kind and they have become fine people I’m proud of. I had the opportunity with the 16 and 17 year old when they were young and it’s ongoing as well but it’s touching to share with these two as well. Makes life worth living. Why I uprooted and moved here so it’s certainly a plus in my life.

    1. Thank you, Anne Marie. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hoping you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas and that you enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends. Think the world of you Anne Marie. xoxoxo

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