Responsibility is an important word conveying both power leadership and authority but can also carry blame fault and guilt depending on who and how the word is being used.

It’s important to take responsibility for your actions particularly if you’ve said or done something to inadvertently hurt another, especially someone close to you that you care about and love.

Too often we meet people unwilling to take responsibility for their actions or words which makes life painful and difficult for everyone.

Have you ever worked for a boss who willingly shucks responsibility onto others and who immediately lays blame and guilt on the one actually doing the work, if so, you know exactly what I mean.  It takes maturity and wisdom to claim responsibility and face the consequences of your action or inaction.  That is called being an adult.

Some take that sense of responsibility to a whole new level, unable and unwilling to relinquish control for a second and whether you call them over-achievers or control freaks, they too make life difficult and unbearable since they are unable to let go of the reigns for a second and allow others to flourish.

There’s an even balance that can be found when you mix logic and emotion that will result in a peaceful coexistence for all.

It can and often is very rewarding to be responsible to oversee a job, watch it’s completion and know that you had a hand in creating something special.  It can also be disheartening if something goes awry, but ultimately, you will come away having learned a valuable lesson and grow as a result.

The Manager where I worked was an amazing woman.  We were a team working hand in hand with the same goal in mind and I worked at that job for 10 years and loved every minute of it and sincerely could have worked 21 hours a day and never regretted a moment of the time spent on the job.  It was a joy and pleasure to go to work and never a drudgery or a weight.

In our personal relationships can be even more difficult when someone shurks responsibility leaving untold endless job undone creating havoc and chaos for everyone else involved.

My thought on the word of the day.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Responsibility – December 29, 2018

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