Splurge – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

When you enjoy giving, witnessing that special look your thoughtfulness brought to little faces, and adults too, it truly brings joy to your heart.  There’s an art to giving and receiving.  Some find it far easier to give than to receive.

There’s one time of year in which we all hopefully truly unite, and that’s in the sharing of warmth and love that this season brings. Cozied up in front of a fire with everyone there, is a very special moment in time that hopefully will be shared year after year.

I love New Years.  It’s the time thought provoking resolutions.  We take stalk of the past year, what we’ve accomplished, the goals we’ve met, and perhaps setting new goals, changing paths, careers and more.

Beyond that, I admittedly enjoy watch the New Years Day Parade (a favourite since childhood) and one I’d get up early to enjoy every year.  I love watching an array of exquisite fireworks around the world that bring laughter, smiles and great fun.  I enjoy a special dinner with appy’s and perhaps a glass of wine (I’m not big on drinking so this is a one-off) and being with someone special.  Usually, it’s my son as he enjoys New Years too.

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas gathering with family and friends and I truly wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, the best happiest most wondrous of New Years in which you are able to reach new goals, relax and enjoy life in general, and make new plans as you walk life’s path.

Happy New Year Everyone!


At Christmas and New Years we splurge

Motivated by love and joy we are urged


To spend that little bit more than we should

Swept up with glad tidings and feelings good


Enjoying celebrations lovely and extravagant

Wrapped in warmth and happiness abundant

Your Daily Word Prompt – Splurge – December 30, 2018

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