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I don’t know about you, but “recovery” brings to mind overcoming something, whether it be an obstacle in our path, a change of path, an emotional upheaval, a change in job, job description or any other kind of loss.  It takes time to get beyond the initial situation or problem, come to terms with what is, and then move on.  Each instance may leave hurt feelings, deep sorrow, loss and finally, recovery – the stage that happens when you can finally come to terms with what has happened and the reality of the situation and can move beyond it.

Sometimes it can take more time than we’d like to make sense of what’s happened and often there’s no answer to “why”.  It just is.  It’s the situation that now exists.  In my mind, the sooner you can move through the grieving stages of loss, the sooner you’re able to move on.

I know a woman, very smart, a teacher in a local college whose teenager daughter was making her way home from an early evening with friends.  A car, driven by a drunk driver in nasty conditions careened down the street and onto the sidewalk killing her instantly and not far from where I lived.

The mother was inconsolable for many years.  I’m not sure she’s come to terms as yet, but she’s begun living her life again although an aura of sadness still surrounds her visible in her eyes and in her soul.

It’s been many many years.  She still posts on FB on her daughter’s birthday (she was 17 when she passed away).

Everyone recovers in their own way, time and space.  Some cannot speak of their loss, others are very vocal.  Either way, the individual dealing with the situation hopefully will come upon a stage of recovery where the pain isn’t as truly unbearable as it once was and can look back on the (person they loved) or the  given situation with renewed fondness and affection, which, lets face it, will never be the same again no matter what situation we face.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year with rich blessings to aid in whatever you are facing.

With great affection to all who continually honour me by reading my blog, I remain always,

Phyllis (avid reader) and follower of many exemplary blogs.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Recovery – January 4, 2019

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