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Memories we take along
Jubilant, captured in song
Memories some bittersweet
Places events people we meet

That remain deep within our heart
Whether close or far apart
Beautiful treasures ours to hold
Filling our heart as pure as gold

2 thoughts on “Memories – Sheryl’s Blog

  1. Memories,
    Some bittersweet
    Come unannounced
    And not discreet.

    They’re part of you
    From deep within.
    The flood your senses,
    Saying sink or swim.

    Some good, some bad
    The strongest ones
    Can make you sad.

    Embrace the feelings
    That they bring.
    Don’t bury them
    ’cause up they’ll spring.

    Here for a reason.
    They know no season.

    are like a stew.
    So many flavors
    And colors too.

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