#MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons so

I wanted to add photos but I can’t seem get the hang of this so I’ll have to describe this month instead.

We haven’t had any snowfall this year and usually, by now we have a couple feet of the fluffy stuff. Instead, we’ve endured many nasty storms that took the power out for a a few days at a time and even took the water system down and we had no usable drinking water let alone showers. This happened three times within January. We became quite capable at making grill cheese sandwiches on the fireplace (which the kids loved) and thankfully although the winds were indeed exceedingly high at 140k and took down hundreds of trees, power lines, crashed onto houses and cars, (I understand alas there was one fatality), we all managed to get through it.

I haven’t been writing much as I’ve been looking for a place (my son, Loki Porsche and I) need to move. Amazing the number of scam artists out there. It has truly been an eye opener as we ran through literally 5 – 10 pages of what appeared to be legit sites only to find upon examination, they weren’t. We’re still on the hunt for reasonable places (few and far between as rents are higher than mortgages) and are looking into buying a little place so send good thoughts to the universe as we need this pretty much immediately. We did find a few possibilities that are 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes away and we’ll see what shakes loose. Not having owned a home before, we are being cautious and asking many questions regarding plumbing, electrical, etc. (If you have any thoughts on what to ask about, please feel free to suggest ideas.)

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        1. I’m happy too. It’s fantastic reading all the different (and similar) experiences we have in different parts of the world.

  1. Thanks for joining the Changing Seasons. Hope you manage to find a new place soon — and with minimum stress (which is always going to feel like too much, because real estate always does).

    1. Thank you Sue, I love this idea. I too hope we can find something affordable and quickly. You are correct, the stress level is high at the moment but we’ve found a couple of possibilities so I’m hopeful! πŸ™‚

        1. Usually there’s a spot you can reply or comment, I’m half blind so I could be overlooking the obvious. I don’t email because my email is crammed full but I’d love to comment on what I see and I really like your blog!!!!!

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