Inviting- Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Blair didn’t know what to expect.  He’d heard all manor of strange rumours 
regarding the woman now living in the old mansion.  Whether sponsored
due to lack of knowledge, jealousy, or on nothing, if half the rumours were
true, she was an oddity.  No matter, he had a job to do.  He’d been hired
through a manager of some sort to re-vamp the kitchen bathroom and living room.  The electrical had previously been upgraded and useable.  He’d informed the fella he’d have to move his tools in and they would remain on site until he was finished and if that was a problem, they’d have to look elsewhere.  He knew they wouldn’t for Blair was brilliant at his work.  He had vision, ability, and his work was both exquisite and functional.
He knocked, and the door opened almost immediately.  A valet of some sort
he figured.  He led Blair into the area he’d be working on and Blair stood
and stared in wonder.  He knew the place was beautiful, although 100’s of
years old, it had been created with elegance and the appeal was intense. 
The possibilities took his breath away.
He’d been so engrossed in his perceptions, he hadn’t realized someone
had entered.  When she spoke, he nearly jumped, nearly.  Planting his legs,
he half turned toward the sound.
The woman was exquisite in every way. Vibrant burnished red hair, intense
green eyes with an edge of gold and beautiful inviting lips with a smile that
 took his breath away, a second time. 
She was very real, very solid, but could have moved through time from the
past when this mansion was in full swing with a full compliment of staff. 
He could readily see her holding the reins and wondered tough taskmaster,
feisty, or romantic.  He looked forward to hearing her views on what she
wanted, hoping she’d give him the opportunity to outline his thoughts on
the place and changes he’d make.

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