June expressed puzzlement. How did they get to this place? When? What happened? The house was divided everyone seeking refuge in their own thoughts with no one acknowledging the reality of the situation.

A loved one had simply vanished and the authorities were no clearer about what happened than they were, information sketchy at best. Roland had gone hiking in the rainforest with his best friend Jackson, both exceptional hikers and climbers well seasoned, well prepared, capable, adaptable, able to overcome obstacles including inclement weather.

Minutes became hours, hours turned into days and days were suddenly weeks while the family held bated breath awaiting news, something, anything to indicate what might have happened to the Roland and Jackson.

June made a point of getting to know the team searching for Roland, informing them of his capabilities, ensuring them he wasn’t one to wander off or take needless chances. Besides being an avid hiker he was passionate about his photography. She couldn’t imagine him embarking on a climb without his trusted camera.

Deciding she’d had enough waiting, June geared up, prepared to partake in the search with or without Nigel’s ok. If she had to go it alone, she would. She’d been trained by the best, her dearest and closest brother, Roland. As she headed out, armed with the knowledge of the search area, June headed in the opposite direction, solo. They had to find him! She had to find him; determination in every step, she marched onward mindfully looking for clues suggesting whether he’d been in the area. Time was on her side and she was unswerving in her goal – finding Roland and Jackson.

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