Stella’s infatuation for Harold had known no bounds. In her early teens, she’d done everything she could to procure his attention. Looking back at the ripe old age of 29 she was somewhat chagrined.

More so now that the police had contacted her for a meet relating to Harold. Staring off into space she recalled their past encounters. They’d met a couple of times in her late teens but she hadn’t seen him since.

Mark was gazing at the picture of a beautiful woman whose photographs were displayed on covers of magazines and billboards citywide. How was she involved with Harold Townsend? From what he’d read in her bio and other articles published online, she seemed career oriented and dedicated with little time for anything else. There wasn’t much hype regarding a romantic interest to be found other than the studio hype which he didn’t give much credence to.

Coming face to face with Stella Mansbridge he realized the photos although beautiful didn’t touch the reality. She was stunning. Harold was big burly and unkempt. He was definitely intrigued at what the by-play between these two could be.

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