Jonathan knew there was no place for sentiment in business and he’d had to harden his heart more than once in order to finish the job according to specs even though he’d have opted for other alternatives.

This time, however, the sentiment was going to win out. This was his home town where he’d grown up, had attachments, family and friends. He knew there would be resentment anger and frustration at the proposed plans. and he’d particularly asked for this job in order to smooth things with the locals and to act as a buffer between what would inevitably become two sides. He hoped that his influence was strong enough to allow adjustments on both sides for the inevitable changes. Changes he knew would work in the local’s favour, offering more tourism, more money in the town’s pockets. It was going to be a hard sell and an uphill battle. He sighed.

The leader of the opposition to the proposals was an old flame, a woman he’d let slip through his fingers at the enticement of broadening his horizons and taking the necessary steps to reach his goal. He’d attained that goal and at a cost. Just as there would be a cost now.

Straightening his jacket, he headed into the meeting with the town council and the mayor, Megan Thompson, and he knew that he felt exactly the same now as he had then. He adored her then and he still did.

As he entered the room, all heads turned, some in shock and surprise, others with welcome. There was no outright hostility but her eyes pinned him to the wall, he could barely breathe. She was perfection and her glare spoke volumes. Yep, it was going to be an uphill battle. Would they see his side of things? In time would he convince them and they’d come together in cohesive agreement? He could only hope and he’d do his best to make sure they all did.

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